Service 360 Solution for Customer Service


Service 360 Solution is a NextGen Customer Service Solution Enabled by Generative AI

Persistent's Service 360 solution modernizes customer service with highly intelligent and accelerated agent routing. This is enabled by leveraging D365 Customer Service, Power Platform, and Azure OpenAI (Generative AI). This comprehensive end-to-end customer service automation solution offers the following benefits:

1. Improved Customer Service: The solution provides a customer self-service portal and a Gen AI chatbot to quickly resolve complex customer queries, even outside business hours (24x7 support). This is supported by omnichannel customer support.

2. Streamlined Operations for Increased efficiency: The solution intelligently creates and routes service requests from multiple channels, leading to increased customer service efficiency. It also automatically generates Knowledge Articles and FAQs, enabling customers to find self-help solutions while also equipping customer service agents with comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge base. The solution also provisions automated approvals , notifications and SLA management.

3. AI-Powered Case Management: Custom AI models by the solution enhances case management and resolution efficiency. The Gen AI-driven 'Next Best Resolution' feature assists customer service agents in recommending the best resolution for a service request. Additionally, there is a compelling sentiment analytics dashboard for supervisors to analyze trends and customer sentiment from multiple channels.

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