Dynamics 365 Field Service Accelerator

Автор: Preact Ltd

Save time and reduce costs deploying Dynamics 365 Field Service by using Preact's optimised build

Quickly complete your deployment of Dynamics 365 Field Service with prebuilt features and customisations that reflect common usage requirements.

Using our team's experience in delivering Field Service projects and their understanding of the needs of field service personnel, we've developed an advanced build to reduce set-up cost.

Preact's unique Field Service build includes extended functionality to Dynamics 365 Field Service to provide greater flexibility in adapting to business processes, as well as bridging some functionality gaps.

Skills Expiry

Prebuilt processes for tracking expiry dates for qualifications, certifications or DBS checks. Combined with standard scheduling functions, these processes ensure that technicians with expired credentials won't appear as bookable resources for any jobs at sites which require these skills and certifications to be active. 

Site Instructions 

Allowing users to create and associate Incident Types with Accounts. This can be used to define a sequence of tasks which must always be conducted at specific sites, or defined products which should always be charged for these site visits.

Default Tax & Price List

Define a default price and tax code when new Accounts are added that will be applied to Work Orders.

Create Sales Order from Work Orders

Enabling a Sales Order record to be created from a Work Order, allowing invoices to be created by consolidating multiple Sales Orders. 

Create Customer Asset Early

Additional flexibility for installation jobs where there is a need to create a Customer Asset earlier, so engineers can interact with this record before completion of the Work Order.

Booking Status Control

Additional option that will restrict changes to the Booking Status to enforce data integrity. 

More Capabilities

Additional features include Work Order Clean Up Processes, Joint Visit Summaries and Agreement Recurrence Templates with more in development.

How to Deploy

The Field Service Accelerator is available at no additional cost as part of Preact's Elevate 365 managed service subscription. This also includes access to all our solutions, and support, technical expertise, product insight, and training resources, so you can grow Dynamics faster and make continuous improvements.

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