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Simple is a powerful marketing operations solution for marketing teams

What is Simple Marketing Ops?

It is a comprehensive marketing operations software that automates multiple and diverse marketing projects, gives process visibility, connects teams and enforces compliance. It allows companies to accelerate their marketing process inside and the distribution of approved assets outside.

By centralising all operations in one hub, managements get visibility over the entire production chain of several concurrent campaigns, they can exercise control and align processes across regions, products and teams with a templated workflow. Creative teams can use feature-rich collaborative tools to produce their best work and get the right approvals. Market-ready assets can be managed with the in-built asset manager to handle storage, tagging, reformatting ad repurposing of assets for distribution.

The Simple Marketing Ops platform with its unprecedented overview, control and deep insight into marketing operations, empowers leadership teams to make data driven decisions. Since Simple is built on the Microsoft Azure Stack, it plugs seamlessly into every application in the MS ecosystem for unparalleled scalability and security.

Who uses Simple Marketing Ops?

Simple marketing operation are used by leadership and operations teams who need to have a global overview of the marketing project pipeline. These can be:

  • Marketing Ops teams: Marketing operations is a complex web of projects at the planning stage, in the pipeline and those already in the market. Often there are multiple versions for different geographies and market segments. With a platform like Simple Marketing Ops, the digital project workflow can to be aligned for consistency, compliance and scalability across all types of projects.

  • Creative teams and heads: Asset creation is collaborative work. Simple’s solution gives creative teams an efficient workflow, online editing and proofing tools, templated review, revision and approval to be able to get assets out of the door quickly and safely.

  • Legal teams: Compliance can be a minefield, especially in highly regulated industries like Banking and Finance, and Pharmaceuticals. Legal departments need to keep an eye on asset use, licence provisions, and provide the fine print – the T&Cs, product disclosures and disclaimers – all of which is simplified through a templated approval process.

  • Strategic planning teams: Leadership within companies often need to take a step back, analyse the data and understand what that means for future strategic plans. Are the creative assets resonating with the market? Are they getting the most out of them? Which are the most successful assets and who is producing them? Were budgets wisely spent? Simple Marketing Ops has the data that gives them the answers.

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