Customer Engagement for Dynamics 365

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Enabling every employee to be a customer champion

Solgari significantly improves both your customer and employee experience, delivering AI powered customer engagement ‘out of the box’.

Delivered from the Microsoft cloud and available natively within your Microsoft Dynamics 365 application, Solgari provides unparalleled speed to value with customers live within hours.

  • Customers can communicate through any preferred communication channel, whether that’s Voice, SMS, email or a Social channel (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line, Wechat), with AI Chatbot also available.
  • Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, Specialists and Back Office users can use the app within whichever Dynamics 365 app they utilize.
  • Customer Service, Sales, Field Engineers, Marketing, Specialists and Back Office users can use the app within whichever Dynamics 365 app they utilize on their laptop, tablet or mobile phone.
  • Solgari AI Copilot (powered by Azure Open AI Service) provides users with real-time Transcription, Conversation Summary and Sentiment Analysis across any channel.
  • Advanced self-service options powered by Microsoft's Azure Open AI Service ensure customers can be authenticated and find answers to the most common issues quickly.
  • Intelligent skills-based routing ensures that customers are connected to the right people within the organisation to help resolve their issue on the first conversation.
  • All customer communications data captured through Dynamics 365 case management.
  • Launch automated and live agent outbound sales, marketing and citizen contact campaigns across voice and SMS, handled by users within Dynamics 365.
  • Supervisors coordinate the entire experience: monitoring and mentoring Agents mid-call provided with real-time analytics and reports and powerful management tools for easy queue or group adjustments.
  • Business Leaders are protected by automatically complying with industry-specific regulations and can unlock the full potential of their investments in their Microsoft estate.

Enterprise and Pro subscriptions

  • The Enterprise and Pro subscriptions are designed for customer service and sales users who are part of the pre-defined contact centre queues and provide full AI-powered customer engagement functionality. Enterprise subscription is suitable for an organization with complex and high-volume needs including unlimited queues and IVRs, whilst the Pro subscription supports less complex needs with up to 5 queues and 3 IVRs.

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So what is the USP?

Unparalleled Speed to Value – deployed within Microsoft Dynamics 365 and configured in Azure in hours

Reduced risk – by remaining within your trusted Microsoft Cloud environment

Accelerate and future proof your AI journey – access both the Solgari and Microsoft AI roadmaps

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