Event Member Registration

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Event Member Subscription Catalyst

EMSC Overview

EMSC automates and manages multiple types of registration from individual to organization subscription management, through price group and membership type feature allows to offer discounts, easy renewals bulk registration and manage potential leads generated from events. Digital interactive kiosks a self-service advanced solution allows your visitors/customers to not only register for the event but also allows event check-in, duplicate badge printing and much more.

From invoicing, collection, region wise taxation, special offers management and payments. Scalable to integrate with any financial system. A solution that provides financial visibility and true ROI. Dynamic dashboards and reports provide an in-depth comprehensive view of tasks.

With AppSource, we’re curating an event management content pack along with add-ons that deliver business value on top of Microsoft Solutions on the secure Azure Cloud.

EMSC Product Features

•       Organization/ Individual Subscription Management

•        Company / Customer Membership Type, Price Group Management

•        Discounts/bulk registration/ renewals Management

•        Self Service Kiosk

EMSC Key Differentiators

•       Comprehensive event Registration sales order management

•       Digitally enabled solution with Self-Service Kiosk

•       Effective lead management

•       Event financial management

•        Price Group Categories e-g Silver, Gold Platinum

•        Product bundle Selling

•        Payment Scheduling

•        Web portal/ commerce channel for social media integration

Core Industry

•       Government Sector, Retail, Banking & Finance, Telco & IT Services, Hospitality, Education, Health

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