Ideas Management Solution

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IMS manages all processes of idea innovation via crowd sourcing, launching ideas among community

IMS Overview

Idea Management System helps cultivate an innovative culture for ideation and customer journeys to increase engagement and improve service by publishing user-submitted ideas either publically or in closed groups. IMS facilitates strategic planning, campaign management, idea refinement and assessment, group moderation, voting, and sharing feedback, customer service request management and advanced reporting and analytics.

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IMS Product Features

Departments spend less time completing manual tasks for a more effective idea-screening process. IMS manages the entire innovation lifecycle, from idea collection to organization-wide execution. The centralized platform allows enterprises to increase employee engagement and business growth by enabling users to submit ideas.

·         Idea Campaign

·         Participant Registration

·         Notification Alerts

·         Idea Submission

·         Idea Selection

·         Voting

·         Feedback

·         Idea Rating

.         Campaign classification to be made public or private

·         Idea Screening

IMS Key Differentiators

 IMS manages all processes of idea innovation via crowd sourcing, from launching ideas among community members to collating feedback, review and final implementation to improve your organization’s customer service experience.

 ·        Platform captures news ideas for service improvement

 ·        Digital Experience for engagement and launching new services

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