FedEx Utility

Автор: Woodapple Interactive Pvt Ltd

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Create and track outbound and inbound shipments from Dynamics 365 CE

FedEx utility is a solution built on top of Dynamics 365 CE which seamlessly integrate Dynamics 365 CE with FedEx without any code. It lets business users create outbound shipments and track incoming shipments right within Dynamics 365 CE. Users can also create multiple shipments in a single click, auto-calculate shipment charges and print shipment labels from Dynamics 365 CE. It is easy to configure with associated step by step guide and lets users to bring rich shipment information in customer 360-degree view. Following are the key features of the solution:  Provides rich customer 360-degree view of your shipment in customer screen.  Create and track multiple shipments with a single click of a button. -Auto calculate outbound shipment charges based on source and destination addresses. -Print shipment labels to pasted on outbound shipments. -Invoice customers for created shipments. -Email notifications on the delivery status of shipments.

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