Docusign for SharePoint Online

Автор: DocuSign, Inc.

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Boost efficiency and accelerate the pace of doing business with Docusign for SharePoint.

Keep business digital by electronically sending and signing documents from SharePoint.

- Send, sign, and store documents in SharePoint using Docusign

- Automate business processes by saving completed documents in SharePoint

- Streamline manual tasks by merging data between SharePoint lists and Docusign fields.

- Advanced document formatting and management capabilities.

Minimize Risk - Docusign automatically generates and stores a robust audit trail for every agreement, and meets or exceeds some of the strictest global security standards.

Compatibility Information:

- Docusign for Microsoft SharePoint Online relies on the Docusign service and is designed to work with Docusign Business or Enterprise subscription plans.

- Docusign for Microsoft SharePoint Online is optimized for multiple users and advanced Docusign features, and is not intended to work with Personal, Professional, or Mobile Docusign accounts.

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