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SideKick365 Forms

SkyLite Systems

4.7 (3)

Forms and Workflow Addin that runs inside SharePoint


SideKick365 Forms is a breakthrough add-in that lets you create powerful forms and workflows using HTML and JavaScript. It leverages SharePoint and Microsoft workflow platform you already own and it runs completely within SharePoint - ALL DATA IS STORED IN SHAREPOINT LISTS!

SideKick365 Forms lets you quickly create any form using HTML and JavaScript. It lets you attach an unlimited number of files and tasks to a form and lets you save important emails and documents from Office and Outlook directly into a form so you can share with your colleagues. You can add as many “child lists” to the form as needed so you can manage things like actions, follow-up notes and related items. SideKick365 Forms also supports scanning, so important paper files can be scanned and included as attachments to the form. Of course these capabilities are included at no additional cost!

SideKick365 Forms supports sequential workflow using the workflow engine from Microsoft workflow engine right out of the box with an easy point and click interface - no additional costs if you want to add simple workflows to your forms. You can also attach any workflow you design in visual studio to any list in Forms for no additional cost. You own workflow with Office 365 and SharePoint 2013 so why not use it!

You can also import and export forms so templates easily be shared for different departments and groups within your organization.

It is so easy to use, and yet so powerful. If you are familiar with JavaScript and HTML then you are ready to start building forms and workflows today.

So what do you need and how does this work?

1 - SideKick365 Forms requires a license for each named user for $4.99 per user per month. You purchase this license through the add-in store.

2 - SideKick365 Forms requires the organization to purchase one (1) SideKick365 Forms Manager that can be used throughout the organization. SideKick365 Forms Manager is a Windows application that runs on your PC. This application lets you create fields in SharePoint and sets up the logic to bind the data in your forms to SharePoint list fields - You only run it once at setup or if you change the form.

It lets you bind HTML layouts, JavaScript, Visual Studio workflow definitions, and CSS files to lists in Forms and it also lets you define sequential workflows for your forms without having to know anything about Visual Studio. It lets you bind JavaScript files to "On Load" and "On Save" and Workflow Task events associated with each form so you can set up the forms and note workflow progress right in the form!

3. SideKick365 Forms Manager costs $495 USD and you purchase this directly from SkyLite Systems. You only need one (1) copy of SideKick365 Forms Manager per organization to create all your forms and workflows.

4. You can create an unlimited number of forms with each copy of SideKick365 Forms.

So how does this work???

1. Define the Fields you need in your form using SideKick365 Forms Manager. All major field types like text, number, data, peoplepicker, dropdowns, currency, checkbox, radio button, look ups, area, images and hyperlinks fields are supported.

2 - Create your layout using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery

3 - Bind the Layout, CSS, JavaScript, and simple sequential workflows to the form using SideKick365 Forms Manager

4 - Define complex workflows as needed in Visual Studio workflow and bind using Manager

That's it - now you are live and ready to go. Everything runs within SharePoint. All data is stored in SharePoint in your SharePoint lists so you get all the goodness of SharePoint like search, custom list views, permission management.

No surprises. Ho hidden charges. Everything running in SharePoint.

Contact us today at Info@SkyliteSystems.com