Duplicate Remover

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Find duplicate or unique records in your sheet; choose one of 6 ways to deal with the results.

This add-in will help you find duplicate records in your online Excel sheet in seconds. It streamlines the process with the main options you need:

  • Check any combination of key columns
  • Look for uniques, duplicates, or even include their first occurrences
  • Make search case-sensitive
  • Ignore empty cells or include them into your results
  • Choose from six options for the found values: mark duplicates with color or a status column, copy or move them to another sheet, clear repeating values, or delete the entire rows with the results.

It quickly scans the selected range and shows you the number of found entries.

Follow three simple steps to remove duplicates from your sheet: select your table and key columns, decide if you want to find duplicate or unique entries, and choose what to do with the results. Once you click Finish, the add-in will process your data in seconds.

Please note that this add-in does not support Excel 2013.

Duplicate Remover is perfect if you want to instantly de-dupe your table in Excel online or Excel 2016.

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