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Excel-to-Word Document Automation


3.7 (23)

Update Word & PowerPoint content (text, tables, lists, & charts) based on Excel data & calculations

The Excel-to-Word Document Automation Add-in automates updating of Excel-based content into Word and PowerPoint documents. Updatable content includes text, tables, charts, and lists. It also makes it easy to link/map the “dynamic” content to be updated. Update any new or existing Word or PowerPoint document with content from any new or existing Excel workbook.

The add-in can significantly improve productivity for scenarios requiring updating of recurring reports and documents that need to be customized/personalized multiple times. It is often used for information-intensive applications where Excel is used to capture, consolidate, calculate, analyze, or summarize data. The add-in is successfully used by many individuals and small to very large organizations.

The add-in includes sample document content to get you started fast.


This add-in can be used in a wide variety of document automation scenarios. Here are a few:

  • Customer business cases (from an Excel-based ROI/TCO Tool)
  • Personalized sales and marketing collateral, including proposals and quotes
  • Custom product documentation (from Excel sizing/capacity/configurator)
  • Recurring financial and business reports (from Excel analysis)
  • Custom datasheets (from engineering/scientific calculations in Excel)


Link Content Once: name source items (ranges and charts) in Excel; tag destination content in Word and/or PowerPoint

Update Many Times: "Submit" content from Excel; then "Update" content in Word or PowerPoint


  • The "links" are very durable and portable. Unlike the native Office linking, you can: rename files, copy/paste and reorganize content, share the linked files, etc.
  • The same add-in works in all 3 apps (Excel, Word, and PowerPoint).
  • The same Excel document can update multiple destination Word and/or PowerPoint report templates.
  • Great for individuals (personal productivity) and large organizations (deploy and manage Excel-based tools to multiple users).


The free-forever "Basic" version does not require registration or login and is a great option to evaluate the add-in and for users with basic content automation needs. Fee-based versions are also available to enable premium and enterprise features.

Team and Enterprise versions contain advanced features for organizations that want to deploy and manage Excel-based tools to multiple users. Features include:

  • Version Control
  • Workbook and Data Protection
  • Usage Monitoring and Analytics
  • Advanced Cloud-Based Report Creation from Word and PowerPoint Templates
  • Restore Defaults


This add-in requires Office 2016 or newer (the Office 365 subscription version). It must be added to Excel and either Word or PowerPoint.

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