Expense Tracker

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Expense Tracker Add-In to simplify and automate expense submission processes

  • Simplify and automate expense submission and approval process for your projects and business visits with O365 based expense submission application. With approval workflow, gain full control over your employees and project-related expenses by including executives, project managers and other roles in the approval chain. Easily submit expense sheets from anywhere, anytime and upload digital receipts for immediate processing. Alerts and notifications ensure timely submission and approvals.

  • Easy expense submission through digital receipts or photo capture of physical bills.

  • My Dashboard to help users track and view their submitted expenditures with print functionality.
  • Approver Dashboard allows the approver to see expenses submitted by team members. The approver can then take actions like accepting/rejecting an expense with relevant comments.
  • Email notification on each stage for fast-tracking and completion of the process.
  • Admin can track all the expenses in the Add-In and can approve/reject expenses on behalf of the approver.
  • Admin can generate reports for better accountability and evaluation of the expenses submitted by users.

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