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ProjectWise 365 Services

Bentley Systems Inc.

Accelerate collaboration with access to ProjectWise 365 Services from Teams.

Increase collaboration and productivity by exposing ProjectWise 365 Services as tabs in Teams to access the design content and workflows managed with ProjectWise.

ProjectWise 365 Services enable infrastructure project delivery teams to save time, eliminate risk, and improve performance by automating supply chain workflows and managing information exchanges within a connected data environment.

To access the ProjectWise 365 Services, users need to have an active CONNECTION Center account (https://connect.bentley.com).

Use the app to create tabs with ProjectWise Share and Deliverables Management services for a selected project.

ProjectWise Share tab may be configured to:

  • Show all connections, except SharePoint, configured for a project
  • Only show a single Share or Work Area connection

To learn more about the application or get help go to Bentley Communities site (https://communities.bentley.com/products/betas/projectwise-project-and-microsoft-teams-integration/w/integration-wiki)


  • The app has limited support in IE browser.
  • The performance and load time of Bentley connect services may vary by region depending on whether our services are available in the local Azure implementations. This support matrix varies per service and region and is constantly updated.
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