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The BPM solution that allow you build workflow, online forms, and business data.

YeeFlow is a cloud-based subscription service for Business Process Management. With YeeFlow, you can create online forms, approval workflows, content data based on your business needs, then work together with your team. It’s easy to learn and use. Just Drag & Drop. NO CODE required.

Here are some of the key capabilities of YeeFlow:

Online Form Designer

Users can easily design form UI and business logic with our form designer. Form design provides 50+ user controls from simple input controls to complex calculation controls, which can meet all your business needs.

Define your workflow with Designer

Diagram your workflow with workflow designer, create your workflow steps with the drag and drop interface. Set the conditions of workflow branches and the approvers of approval tasks.

Manage Business Data with Content Lists

Create Data List, Document Library, Calendar List or Task List based on your data type. Customize data fields, page layouts, and access permissions.

YeeFlow lets you create an unlimited number of automation business applications. Create from scratch or choose from 20+ pre-installed templates, like Employee Onboarding, Leave Request,Travel Reimbursement, Purchase Order etc. You can use one workflow management platform to build hundreds of business apps as simple or complex as you need.

YeeFlow integrate with Microsoft Teams that allow users to use all functions inside in Teams. With this integration, Single Sign-On users can log into their YeeFlow account using their Office 365 credentials, without the need of creating a new account.

With YeeFlow for Microsoft Teams you can:

  • Design Workflow, Forms, Content List and reports based on your needs.
  • Allow users to submit new request, check pending tasks and business data.

  • Get notifications from Bot regarding new approval tasks, and data changes etc.
  • Talk to Bot to check the pending tasks and Approve / Reject tasks via Bot.
  • Attach content list as a Tab of any team’s channel for data sharing and collaboration.

YeeFlow provides the Responsive UI Layouts, which can give users the best experiences in multiple devices. users can access via any devices (PC, laptop or phone) from anywhere.

NOTE: YeeFlow is a subscription-based service and requires either a free trial or paid account.

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