SharePoint|sapiens Employee Training Management for Teams

Автор: SharePointSapiens

Connects your teams with your SharePoint|sapiens Employee Training Management sites.

Create teams for organizers and let them create and manage curriculums, courses and events professionally, handle assignments, registration, waiting lists and communication.

Let them promote courses and events, send out notifications, keep track of assignments and achievements in one place.

Create teams for learners, share courses and events and let members sign up for events and complete self-paced training.

Sign up in events to receive meeting requests and updates via e-mail to make sure you have the latest event details in your schedule.

Create teams for managers and let them view and track assignments and achievements in their team.

Assign curriculums, courses and events to your employees as a manager.

Create teams for instructors and let them view and manage assignments and achievements for courses they teach.

From setting up curriculums, courses and events to managing assignments and achievements, this solution makes employee training management a pleasure for everyone.

Key features:

  • Courses & Exams: Create templates for instructor-led training or classroom exams or create self-paced training and online exams
  • Training events: Schedule a training event from an instructor-led training template or create a training event directly in the calendar
  • Curriculums: Use curriculums to bundle multiple courses and exams and make the assignment easier and faster
  • Comprehensive enrollment system: Enroll learners in courses & exams and scheduled training events or allow them to enroll themselves
  • Learners: Assign curriculums to learners and view pending and completed achievements in their learner profile
  • Enrollment links: Copy enrollment links and send via e-mail or post it on your website or intranet
  • E-mail communication: Learners will receive e-mail invitations and updates to scheduled training events
  • Assignments and achievements: Keep track of employees' assignments and achievements, certificates and expirations
  • Waiting lists: If a training event is fully booked, you can enable waiting lists to ensure that events are fully booked automatically when someone cancels attendance
  • Deadlines: Set enrollment deadlines for scheduled training events
  • Demand driven scheduling: Schedule an event once enough learners are interested
  • Meeting room reservations: Book meeting rooms and resources directly from the SharePoint calendar
  • Configurable e-mail body templates: Configure the style and content of invitations and other e-mail templates
  • Collect feedback: Send a feedback survey to attendees after they have attended an event
  • Fully customizable: All lists, views and pages created by the add-in are customizable to suit your specific needs.

Возможности надстройки

Возможности надстройки
  • Может отправлять данные по Интернету
  • Эта надстройка может получить доступ к личным сведениям в активном сообщении, таким как телефонные номера, почтовые адреса или URL-адреса. Надстройка может отправлять эти данные в стороннюю службу. Другие элементы в почтовом ящике невозможно прочитать или изменить.

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