Unipos Inc

Unipos is a recognition platform rewarding your people and building a value-driven culture.

By linking the Unipos Bot, you can use the following functions within Microsoft Teams.

・Unipos can allow you to send messages of appreciation to your colleagues along with a small reward to show how much you value their collaboration.

・Each user has up to 400 points in a week to give away either with messages or by celebrating other team members posts.

・The point system can be attached to a financial or social good reward system decided by your leadership team.

・You can attach virtual points to each message limited to a maximum of 120 points per message.

・Unipos connects each message with a core value of your organisation or team, which is represented in your actions and daily support for your team members.

・All core values are available in the dropdown feature in the message box allowing you to choose the value best representative of the collaboration.

・You can also add your own hashtags to elaborate further and personalise your message.

・You can also appreciate your colleagues' contributions by clapping on their posts and celebrating their contributions.

・You can celebrate a maximum 60 times on each post which deducts 120 points from your quota rewarding 60 points to the collaborator and 60 points to the person highlighting the feedback.

・When you receive a message in Unipos, you will receive a notification in the designated Unipos channel of Microsoft Teams.

・You can refer to the Help Page explaining how to utilize Unipos and explore all features in more detail.

・You can post from Microsoft Teams making it seamless and adding more value to your daily collaborations.

This will help you acknowledge your team members' daily performance in real-time, using the platform which your organization has adopted for business practices. What's even better, the teamwork can be enhanced among team members, regardless of their work styles, locations and business fields. Unipos uniting people through positivity and purpose.

User needs to have an active Unipos account to use the app please contact your Unipos support team(contact@unipos.me) for more information.

Возможности надстройки
Возможности надстройки
  • Может отправлять данные по Интернету
  • Эта надстройка может получить доступ к личным сведениям в активном сообщении, таким как телефонные номера, почтовые адреса или URL-адреса. Надстройка может отправлять эти данные в стороннюю службу. Другие элементы в почтовом ящике невозможно прочитать или изменить.
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