Real Estate Data Analytics

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Provides Real Estate Data Analytic Reports and related information to any PowerPoint presentation.

The REDAGraph Office Add-in provides, for Clients with an active REDAGraph SaaS Subscription, the ability to add Reports, and other Realtor specific information to a PowePoint presentation. The add-in allows a REDAGraph SaaS client to enhance their custom branded PowerPoint templates and create detailed presentation they can upload and share with their clients or other Realtors via text or email from their secure REDAGraph portal.

The REDAGraph add-in provides a list of Reports and other information, like a Realtor’s contact data, they can drag onto a PowerPoint presentation or template. The modified PowerPoint file is then uploaded into the REDAGraph client’s secure portal for distribution or printing. For more static and less specific Market-oriented Reports, custom Realtor branded PowerPoint Presentations can be created and uploaded. Then, when the Report is rendered for viewing, printing, or sending, the REDAGraph Report will be populated with the latest data specific to the Report.

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