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Automatically integrate marketing metrics from popular sources in Excel

Data is your power! Unlock it with automated Excel reports that include all the metrics you need to enable data-driven marketing.

Pull and integrate data from your website analytics, social media, email, CRM, shopping cart, and more. Let a Power My Analytics data hub automatically integrate Excel with metrics from popular platforms like Google, Facebook, HubSpot, Amazon, Shopify, and many more.


  • Unlimited report range/backfills
  • Report outage protection
  • Daily refreshes


  • Subscription - After a 14-day trial period, a Power My Analytics subscription is required to continue receiving data. See our pricing for more details.
  • Data source account(s) - Must be able to authenticate with at least one third-party platform to pull data from. See a full list of connectors supported.

To get started with Excel Data Connector, install this add-in. You'll need to sign in with your Power My Analytics account, authenticate with your data sources, and then you'll be able to import metrics into spreadsheets.

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