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Next-generation, enterprise-ready task management for the frontline

WorkJam is the Digital Workplace solution industry leaders choose to orchestrate their frontline workforces — either as your frontline productivity platform or within your frontline employee solution. Available in over 37 languages and deployed in over 38 countries, WorkJam delivers total Workforce Orchestration through market-leading task management, shift management, survey and micro learning tools. WorkJam can be seamlessly integrated with Workday, UKG/Kronos, Blue Yonder, Legion, ADP as well as many other systems of record you rely on.

WorkJam Tasks enables you to extend your operational standards across the entire organization, from the planning stages at HQ to the employee executing a discrete task and all the way back up with comprehensive reporting for each level of the operational hierarchy.

• Deliver multi-step, cascading tasks seamlessly to your frontline employees

• Available Task “pool” that frontline workers can use to pick up additional tasks – even gamify the experience to support employee rewards and recognition.

• Associates can report progress in real-time with video, photo and text responses

With WorkJam Tasks you can plan organization-wide activities and deliver to employees what each task entails, how long it will take, and the exact steps necessary to complete it. Now they can come to work knowing exactly what they need to do and deliver tangible ROI. WorkJam Tasks offers:

• Continuous operational improvement with scalable, automated workflows

• Increased compliance with corrective actions for violations and easy reporting

• Reduced manual workload of managers

Evaluate progression in real-time with centralized reporting, from high-level project status to how long each employee takes to finish a certain task. Tasks can be assigned a score, which allows for comparative reporting of teams and locations.

WorkJam Tasks seamlessly integrates with WorkJam Home and WorkJam Schedule to deliver what we call Workforce Orchestration. Employees can receive a dashboard card on WorkJam Home with their tasks. WorkJam Home also interacts with the rest of the WorkJam portfolio of modules (more coming soon!) to deliver schedules, awareness of open shifts, notifications and more.

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