EVA Check-in for Outlook

Автор: EVA Check-in

With EVA Check-in for Outlook you can pre-register external visitors as you create meeting invites.

With EVA Check-in for Outlook, invite your visitors to complete pre-arrival steps in your EVA Check-in visitor management system and send a check-in pass, directly from an Outlook meeting invitation.

Benefits of EVA Check-in for Outlook

Using EVA Check-in for Outlook streamlines your visitors’ check-in experience. It can help create a warm welcome for your guests, safeguard the health and safety of your workplace and make sure all aspects of visitor management are automatically considered.

Pre-arrival steps in EVA Check-in can be configured to:

• Ensure visitors meet your health and safety requirements ahead of their visit

• Collect visitor tech requirements ahead of time

• Distribute a pre-arrival questionnaire

• Take coffee, lunch or catering orders

• Or support any visitor management process you already use

If your workplace is busy with lots of visitors coming and going, using EVA Check-in’s pre-arrival processes and EVA Pass can prevent congestion in your reception area and save everyone time and admin.

How does it work?

Once you’ve set up EVA Check-in for Outlook, it will automatically detect meetings to be held in-person (ie in a bookable room) with external (ie not from your company’s domain) visitors. If you have downloaded the full version from the EVA Check-in portal (recommended), the person setting up that meeting will be asked if they want to send a pre-registration to any external visitors. Otherwise, they can click Manage Visitors on the Outlook ribbon.

The person setting up the meeting then just needs to enter the guests’ first and last name(s), and a pre-registration email will automatically be sent to those external guests. Invited guests then simply click the link in the email to complete their pre-registration.

Optionally include an EVA Pass in the pre-registration email. EVA Pass is a reusable pass that can be scanned when your guest arrives – further speeding up their check-in process.

Subscription requirements

EVA Check-in for Outlook requires your organisation to have an EVA Check-in subscription. More information on EVA Check-in.

Возможности приложения

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  • Может отправлять данные по Интернету
  • Это приложение может получить доступ к личным сведениям в активном сообщении, таким как текст, тема, отправитель, получатели и сведения о вложении, и изменить их. Оно может отправлять эти данные в стороннюю службу. Другие элементы в почтовом ящике невозможно прочитать или изменить.

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