CallCabinet Compliance Call Recording and Analytics

Автор: Call Cabinet Corporation

Microsoft Certified compliance video and call recording, voice analytics and automated QA

Atmos by CallCabinet is a Microsoft Certified compliance call recording, analytics and automated QA solution for Microsoft Teams voice, video and screen share recordings. Atmos completes Microsoft Teams’ by filling in every compliance gap for the world’s most heavily regulated industries.

Not only is Atmos cloud-native, but it lives in the same secure Azure fabric that Microsoft Teams was built upon. This provides a truly seamless, real-time and compliant interaction recording workflow. And because Atmos was born in the cloud, it deploys remarkably quickly and seamlessly migrates legacy data; unlocking business-critical intelligence across entire enterprises.

Just as Microsoft Teams unifies communications across your enterprise, Atmos unifies compliant recording. Atmos works with desktop phones, softphones, cell phones, or any combination, to ensure that your business records every interaction no matter where or when they happen.

Designed with compliance and security in mind, Atmos naturally provides the kind of robust security features that most Microsoft Teams users require.

● Active Directory integration

● IP address restrictions

● Granular, user-based roles/permissions

● Compliant call sharing features

Why Businesses Choose Atmos

● Compliance for Every Industry: Meet global regulatory compliance requirements, including GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, FCA, Dodd-Frank, MiFID II, POPI and more.

● Security: 256-bit military-grade AES rotating encryption to ensure every interaction remains as secure and reliable as they are compliant.

● Redundant and Resilient: Atmos can perform Microsoft Teams recording with one (N+1) or two (2N) independent bots for a stunning degree of redundancy and resilience.

● Endless Power and Storage: Another advantage of living in the cloud is the power of the cloud. Some “virtual machine” solutions have hard limits on processing power and storage; Atmos does not - it’s unlimited.

● Keep Your Data: Atmos doesn’t hold your data ransom with localized storage or proprietary encoding formats. Your Microsoft Teams recording data will always be yours and will remain accessible to you from any location, 24/7/365.

● Flexible Deployments: Atmos seamlessly adapts to any network environment, including on-premise, carrier-hosted, hybrid and even Microsoft-hosted Cloud PBX deployments.

● Data Sovereignty: Recordings are captured and stored redundantly within global data centers across six continents.

● PCI DSS Compliant: Atmos offers multiple solutions for industries that require PCI DSS redaction, including AI-driven redaction, API call redaction or manual intervention.

● Unbeatable Uptime: You can expect reliability with an uptime of 99.999%, which is as close to perfect as we’re allowed to claim.

How Businesses Leverage Atmos

● Dispute Resolution is critical to understanding the complete customer journey. Atmos users know what their team committed, what their clients ordered, the agreed-upon pricing or customer or technical support requests.

● Atmos helps you evaluate, coach and improve employee performance. Atmos tracks the emotional progress of your calls for both the customer and your employee. Plus, best-in-class reporting delivers actionable data that reveals strengths and weaknesses in your customer care process.

● Atmos’ AI-driven analytics analyze all of your voice recordings and extract business-critical, highly actionable insights, giving you a 360-degree view of your business.

● Atmos eliminates costly legacy systems, hardware and maintenance investments. Designed as a native cloud software as a service (SaaS) ensures it is always up-to-date, has zero downtime and offers the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

With Atmos, your businesses can completely customize your call recording solution - or the option to choose from three robust compliance recording plans: Core Recording, Advanced Recording and Analytics Recording.

Included in every Core Recording subscription plan:

● Unlimited recordings

● Unlimited storage

● 256-bit AES rotating encryption

● Redundancy (local and geographical)

● Unified location data sovereignty

● Custom retention policies

● Multi-factor authentication support

● Granular user-based permissions

● Call playback

● Call flagging

● Searchable call tagging

● Call notes

● Agent and/or team grouping capabilities

● Basic API support

● Multi-language support

In order to use the Atmos for Microsoft Teams app, users need an active Atmos recording license. To discover the power of Atmos - the pioneer of native cloud recording,

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