Verticalls for Microsoft Teams

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Boost your video call : connect your CRM and get new KPIs

Verticalls: the application that turns your video conferences into KPIs and saves you time.

Add Verticalls to any team meeting and qualify it using the tools provided. Perform during your exchanges, automate their analysis and connect your CRM!

Focus on the essentials and save 5 hours per week while boosting your sales by 20%.

Try Verticalls to improve your team follow-up and customer experience.



Thanks to the toolbox, your teams identify the right tools to use and adjust them according to their audience. (sales pitch, sales script, questionnaire, competitive intelligence, CRM connection and calendar)

Objective: a unified speech within the teams and a mastered meeting.



- Use the resources you prepared during the meeting to support your speech and qualify your customers.

- Record your meeting to not lose any information and to allow the Verticalls application to synchronize the data to your CRM, to create your report and your future KPIs.

Objective: Qualified customers without loss of information and without double entries.



Verticalls generates a meeting report for you and your interlocutor, no need to write reports anymore!

Thanks to the recording of your meeting, Verticalls analyses the entirety of your meetings (audio, tools and documents used). It is also possible to transcribe your conversations and find the highlights of it.

Your CRM (Hubspot or Salesforce) being synchronized with our application, you will no longer need to manually fill it!


What are the benefits of Verticalls and who do they help?

By using Verticalls, your meeting is structured and organized. You eliminate double entries and save time.

Your customers are qualified from the first exchange in videoconference, thanks to the tools and to a strong and impactful speech.

Your data is qualified and your KPIs are reinforced.


Verticalls for Microsoft Teams is available on all Verticalls plans and is compatible with Salesforce CRM and Hubspot. You need an active Verticalls account to use the application. Your administrator may need to enable the Verticalls application for your Microsoft Teams account. Advanced features of Verticalls are only available in paid plans.


All new Verticalls accounts come with a 14-day free trial of Verticalls Pro. You can then choose to continue using the free version or upgrade to the paid version. Your credit card information is not required to get started.

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