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Save time and reduce errors through automation, powered by’s proprietary data and insights. paid Intelligence customers can access app performance estimates such as downloads, revenue, and active users directly inside Excel.

With on Excel:

- Fetch the data you need in the place you need it using simple excel formulas.

- Skip having to log-in to a web portal, configure reports, export and copy into an Excel file, time and time again.

- Skip having to write SQL queries or Python scripts to access the data in the format you need

Available Filters:

- App/Company

- Country Code

- Time Frame Granularity (Day, Week, Month)

- Date

Requires a paid Intelligence subscription to access. This is a Preview Offering so limited metrics are available. There is a 5-seat limit per company. Currently available in English language only. on Excel is a data solution tool built to create custom or preset worksheets with our data via automation. Your use of the on Excel in conjunction with any of's Intelligence services (including all estimates, data, and content made available thereby and downloadable or accessible using on Excel is governed by the Master Subscription Agreement found here (or such other negotiated agreement between you and governing your use of such Intelligence services and the Intelligence Services Supplement found at the URL above.

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