Visually consistent icons for better slides and docs in less time.

Get access to thousands of icons to make infographics, such as process diagrams, charts, quotes and mockups, with ease like a pro.

Why visual consistency matters

Good corporate communication is based on a uniform appearance. That’s why companies use uniform colors and fonts. IconUncle helps you to unify the visual style of your graphics for a professional external presentation. Also Time-consuming decisions about the style of an icon are a thing of the past. Constant redesigns are eliminated and approval processes are simplified. This saves a lot of time and money.

What you get

Access to an extensive icon library, made for business needs. The icon library is constantly updated. Currently it includes over 12.500 icons in over 80 sets such as:

  • Restaurants
  • Online Agency
  • Lawyer
  • Tourism
  • Insurance
  • Education
  • Electronics
  • Real Estate
  • Start Up
  • IT Service
  • Furniture
  • Education
  • Insurance
  • Project Management
  • Forecast
  • Wellness Hotel
  • Web Application
  • Supermarket
  • User Interface
  • Sewing
  • Internet of Things
  • and much more

Different Sets. Same Style.

You need icons from different sets for your design? No problem. Compared to icons on marketplaces, all icons have the same style and can be combined seamlessly.

Comfortable coloring

The icons are stored in SVG format. That means you can easily adjust the color with the on-board tools of your software. If you use the icons in the web or in apps, this is also possible via code.

Simple licensing model

You can use the icons in an unlimited number of private and commercial projects. Icons in the free version can be used under the standard CCBY 4.0 license.

Feedback driven updates

We listen closely to our customers’ needs and want to improve your experience with IconUncle every day. That’s why we regularly release updates with new icons and improvements.

All icons in one place

Our web-app brings all icons together in one central place. Gone are the days of searching for graphics in the depths of your directories. When we developed the app, we had one goal. Less time searching. More time for your creative flow

Give your message more power

Sometimes media should appear bold and large. Sometimes subtle and rather reserved. IconUncle provides you with the right icons for every type of communication.

Start for free

Sign up and get instant access to over 1000 icons for your projects.

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