Автор: Vizibit d.o.o.

eSign-Lite enables you to digitally sign documents (QES) or create approval signing processes.

eSign-LITE is a software package that adds identification, digital signing and authentication functionalities to any web or mobile application that integrates it.

It is a game changer!

It incorporates all three major parts of digital signing in one complete package, in one user journey, in one flow. Identification, Signing and Authorization – all in one button!

One button does it all!

No more uploading or downloading documents to on-line signing solutions.

No more extra username and password to remember for login!

No more media brakes.

Everything is in one place from within productivity tools YOU use the most every day.

Use it as an add-in for Microsoft or Google tools, as an SDK which you can integrate in any web or mobile application or as a standalone application!

In order to simplify the process and help you to become more productive by handling your everyday tasks more efficiently, you can deploy a user-friendly solution which enables you to skip most of the problems in digital signing and handle the rest of them through only one application!

eSign-Lite requires additional purchases to have full access to our digital signing process. You can buy credits at:

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  • Может отправлять данные по Интернету

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