NetDocuments for Microsoft Word

Автор: NetDocuments Inc

Use NetDocuments to build automations that generate document sets and streamline internal workflows.

How It Works

  1. Create an app: Build an app in NetDocuments to gather information from internal or external users.

  2. Connect a template: Use the NetDocuments Word add-in to create an automation-ready template in Microsoft Word.

  3. Automate! Run the app whenever you want to instantly populate document templates and save them into the NetDocuments platform.

Key Differentiators

  • Simplify Complex Tasks: Powerful document automations that incorporate your business’s unique rules and logic make end-to-end processes smoother for your legal professionals, clients, and customers.

  • Innovate While Remaining Compliant: NetDocuments offers sophisticated multilayer security and compliance certifications that thousands of organizations trust with their most important data.

  • No Code Automation: NetDocuments for Microsoft Word enables your lawyers and subject matter experts to automate their unique processes and documents without having to rely on software developers or IT professionals.

About the Add-in

The NetDocuments add-in lets you create automation-ready templates without ever leaving Microsoft Word. You must purchase a NetDocuments account and the PatternBuilder solution to use the add-in. To contact NetDocuments for more information about creating an account, use this link.

Internet Explorer not supported

NetDocuments for Microsoft Word is not compatible with the Internet Explorer 11 browser.

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