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This Outlook add-in makes it easy to send an email to Trello.

Send to Trello

Do you have an email you need to include on your Trello boards for you or your team to take action on.

This add-in makes it easy, with a single click from the Outlook Ribbon. A task pane opens, (and after you have signed into Trello), you can select the Board and the List for your new Card click "Send to Trello" and it will create a new card on your board.

NOTE: This add-in supports pinning so you can quickly move through your inbox when creating cards in Trello.

Send to Trello supports the following features:

  • Sends email messages (subject and body) to your Trello boards and lists.
  • Also supports calendar appointments and meetings (subject and body and start/end time*)
  • Allows you to keeps a board and list selected as default.
  • Includes all attachments and inline images.
  • Works with shared mailboxes.
  • Supports dark and light mode.
  • Provides multi-lingual support for: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Turkish, Korean, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and Hindi.

* Provided with a subscription.

Subscription Benefits

But with a premium subscription you get MUCH more. You can:

  • 🕒 Remove all delays and subscription notifications.
  • 📎 Save directly to existing Trello Cards effortlessly.
  • 📝 Create new lists on your boards before you Send to Trello.
  • 👥 Assign members to a card before you submit it.
  • 🏷 Set labels, start, and due dates for cards seamlessly.
  • 📝 Create and work with checklists on your cards.
  • 🆕 Trim your emails to only the latest response automatically.
  • 📝 Trim text, remove junk, and keep your cards clean.
  • 📎 Select and add specific attachments with ease.
  • 📋 Attachment summary with quick access links for effortless organization.
  • 📧 Link back to the original email message for streamlined communication.

For more information on subscriptions with Office Add-ins, see: Office Add-in Subscriptions.

No Hassles

  • 🎁 Always FREE: The basic functionality of the add-in is available to you at absolutely no cost! Enjoy the convenience without spending a dime. It's our gift to you. 🎉
  • 🎁 No obligation TRIAL: If you want to see what you get with a subscription, sign up for a 14-day trial. No upfront CC payments or obligations. After the 14-day trial is over the add-in will return to the basic functionality mode.
  • 🎁 No Premium: If you like the basic functionality, you can select to HIDE the Premium features from settings.

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