ChatGPT for Excel


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Unlock the power of Excel with ChatGPT intelligence.

Elevate your Microsoft Excel ™ game, ChatGPT for Excel.

Meet our newest =.AI function, an innovative feature that keeps Excel data cleansing efforts simple. This add-on is designed to assist with data analysis and insights, generate short texts to communicate ideas, quickly cleanse your data to ensure accuracy.

Here are our magic formulas:

= AI.ASK – get answers for your questions

= AI.LIST – generates list outputs in separate rows

= AI.FILL – perfect for filling incomplete ranges

= AI.FORMAT – Converts a text to a specified format

= AI.EXTRACT – Extracts specific types of data from a given text

= AI.TRANSLATE – Translates text into the specified language

Try it out for these use cases:

Write instructions, process steps, compelling descriptions, blogs, emails – use it for any short text needs

Clean your data, make adjustments, classify, categorize – use it for any data needs

Edit, summarize, write engaging tag lines – use it for any marketing efforts

Any other use cases you can think of – please share with us so that we can expand our add-on.

Be sure to check the answers for accuracy, it is an artificial intelligence after all. Want to learn more? Try it out today, it is FREE, just use your OpenAI key.

Возможности надстройки

Возможности надстройки
  • Может читать документ и вносить в него изменения
  • Может отправлять данные по Интернету

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