Rowsie - ChatGPT for Excel

Автор: Rowsie AI

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Rowsie is your AI assistant for Excel modeling

Rowsie is ChatGPT for Excel. She helps you understand, build, and update your models with ease. It’s like having an expert business analyst pairing with you at all times, but right within Excel.

Rowsie gives you Excel superpowers:

  • Understand Your Excel Models Effortlessly: Ask Rowsie anything about your spreadsheets, from explaining model logic to deciphering complex formulas
  • Build Excel Models with Ease: Rowsie helps you craft formulas, clean up formatting, and even build new models from scratch
  • Accelerate Insights from Data: Rowsie drives the analysis so you can get to actionable results faster

Spend your time driving insights, not debugging formulas.

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