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Approve bills, invoices, and purchase orders right from Microsoft Teams with Approveit

Approve all your incoming bills and invoices, new vendors, manage contracts, send POs to vendors instantly upon approval, link bills to your purchase orders, automate access management, and much more.

With Approveit you can:

  1. Automate ANY approval workflow in any department
  2. Reduce the error rate in your records to less than 1%
  3. Make compliance and EOTY audits a breeze with downloadable reports
  4. Speed up the approval process by up to 80%
  5. Eliminate the bottlenecks in your internal processes

And so much more!

Approveit takes only 5 minutes to set up thanks to our workflow templates, enabling you to automate your business operations right in your MS Teams workspace.

Approveit can automate processes across your entire organization, for example:

  1. Finance: budget allocations, expense tracking, and invoice management
  2. HR: time-off requesting and tracking and candidate approval
  3. IT: access management and bug reporting workflows
  4. Procurement: PO and vendor management
  5. Legal: contract management
  6. Marketing: approve new strategies, marketing creatives, ad campaigns and social promotions
  7. Sales: approve quotes for clients and new deals
  8. Customer success: manage development requests and issue reporting

In Approveit for Microsoft Teams, you can create, view, and approve requests, request updates, view and download file attachments, complete tasks, add comments to approval tickets, and review completed requests.

Mobile apps for iOS and Android are available.

You need an active Approveit account to use this app.

One of our support managers will help you set up your workflows and onboard your team.

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