Konnect eMail SharePoint Explorer for Outlook

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Save emails & attachments, edit metadata, attach and search SharePoint files all within Outlook.

Save emails & attachments to SharePoint, Teams & Onedrive and automatically add valuable email properties as SharePoint metadata. This add-in lets you browse, edit, search and attach SharePoint documents to email all within the Outlook interface.

Konnect eMail SharePoint Explorer key features:

1. Work across Microsoft 365 including SharePoint, Teams and Onedrive

2. Search and attach documents stored across Microsoft 365

3. Save single & multiple emails and attachments to SharePoint, Teams and Onedrive

4. Capture and edit email metadata within Outlook

Konnect eMail is developed keeping ease of use at its core. We believe an elegant and simplistic tool will enable users to save emails and organisations to meet email management requirements a breeze which is otherwise a cumbersome and daunting task.

Konnect eMail services clients across 4 continents in the Government, Finance, Legal, Logistics, Manufacturing and Technology sectors. To learn more please visit our site

Konnect eMail SharePoint Explorer Web Add-In is free to try for 7 days. After the trial period has expired, a paid subscription will be required to continue using the solution. Please contact us at or visit

For technical support, refer to the FAQ section on our website or submit a support request here

Возможности приложения

Во время использования это приложение
  • Может отправлять данные по Интернету
  • Это приложение может получить доступ к личным сведениям в активном сообщении, таким как текст, тема, отправитель, получатели и сведения о вложении, и изменить их. Оно может отправлять эти данные в стороннюю службу. Другие элементы в почтовом ящике невозможно прочитать или изменить.

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