Genea Access Control

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Genea helps you manage your office's physical security from anywhere anytime.

Genea access control is a cloud-based software that interfaces with physical access control hardware, allowing customers to remotely program, operate, and oversee their property's physical access control system. Genea access control is engineered for building management teams and designed for the convenience of busy companies.

Genea integrates with Microsoft Teams to act as a physical security incident management platform. Access control hardware must be installed in order for customers to make use of the Microsoft Teams integration. When the hardware detects certain events occurring on a property, it is logged in the Genea software and if the event meets certain criteria, it will send a notification to the customer via Microsoft Teams.

Here’s how Genea + Microsoft Teams integration can keep your physical security operation running smoothly:

  • Audit Log Notifications – Genea can notify you via Microsoft Teams when changes are made to your access system, including when users are created or deactivated, keys are issued or revoked, or changes are made to schedules or door groups, etc.
  • Access Control Notifications – Genea can notify you via Microsoft Teams when important events occur on your property such as Card Access Denied, Controller Offline issues, AC Power Failure, Battery Backup Failure, Held Open Alarms, Door Forced Alarms, etc.
  • Visitor Log Notifications – Genea can notify you via Microsoft Teams when visitors check in at your property

Benefits :

  • Reduces the amount of time your team spends monitoring video feeds and sifting through access logs.
  • Get notified instantly when security events occur so you can take action immediately, rather than pour through logs to find out what happened after the fact.
  • Show auditors that your lean team has everything under control and reduce those precious billable hours during an compliance audit.

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