Mike DocuSieve


Mike DocuSieve is AI powered contract proofreading tool to reduce time spent on proofreading.

Mike DocuSieve is an artificially intelligent contract drafting and reviewing tool that helps attorneys proofread, format and identify red flag issues within documents ensuring adherence to higher quality standards and client expectations.

Mike DocuSieve analyses the following -

1. Analyses definition for terms defined but not used and terms used but not defined.

2. Identify incorrect and missing clause references.

3. Analyses amounts and its corresponding figure in the contract.

4. Allows users to create their house-style formats and apply them in a single click.

5. Analyse documents using the custom red-flag rule book for critical clauses.

User need to signup from our website and then will be able to use this add-in.

On the filing up the form, our team will contact you to understand your requirement and accordingly will share the subscription fees with you.

Currently we do not support Internet Explorer 11.

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