Voca Conversational IVR


Voca is a Conversational IVR that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams

Meet AudioCodes Voca – an Agile Conversational IVR solution designed to let callers talk from start to finish!

Voca offers an intuitive onboarding wizard within Microsoft Teams, that helps companies get a quick taste of the full Voca Conversational IVR experience and build a fully functional Conversational IVR in just a few minutes.

Voca offers an innovative experience for callers, together with multi-tenancy support for IT managers, that enables companies to manage their entire voice ecosystem directly through Teams, and upgrade to a Conversational IVR interface with a click of a button.

The application was built for end customers - or partners that wish to onboard their end customers – and showcases what Voca, with its voice-driven interface, can do for companies already using Microsoft Teams as their primary Voice system.

Voca offers the following key capabilities:

• Multi-language Conversational Voice interface with touchtone/DTMF fallback support

• Easy connectivity to any existing Direct Routing SBC or Teams call plans

• Multi-tenant service with support for multi-site admin management and role-based access

• Flexible connection to hybrid Voice & Telephony environments

• Call traffic and voice analytics allowing quick analysis and optimization

Get the brand-new Voca app for Teams today and build your own Conversational IVR in less 5 minutes!

** Currently, the Voca application is available on Microsoft Teams desktop clients only (not supported on mobile devices)

Возможности надстройки
Возможности надстройки
  • Может отправлять данные по Интернету
  • Эта надстройка может получить доступ к личным сведениям в активном сообщении, таким как телефонные номера, почтовые адреса или URL-адреса. Надстройка может отправлять эти данные в стороннюю службу. Другие элементы в почтовом ящике невозможно прочитать или изменить.
  • Краткий обзор