EY Catalyst Connect

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Your gateway to business decisions

EY Catalyst Connect provides transformative services to address the unique challenges faced by businesses. These capabilities include:

• Empowering companies to make data-driven decisions in real-time by combining EY teams market-leading content, technology, and data analytics with Microsoft's market-leading collaboration solutions.

• Harnessing over 100 years of experience, EY teams actively engage with companies in real-time, collaborating on data-driven insights, and co-developing a prioritized action plan to drive value.

EY Catalyst Connect offers the following key benefits:

• Bundled content and data makes it easy to get the information you need when you need it for a relevance-driven experience.

• The power of seamless collaboration generates insights that leads to opportunities to improve a company’s market position.

• Connection to other EY platforms enhances existing engagements and positions businesses to identify new opportunities by tapping into EY’s extensive global resources.

You need to use an active account to access the "EY Catalyst Connect" application. Kindly reach out to if you need support.

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