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Unlock multi-variable insights with a single chart | Power BI Certified

Radar Chart by MAQ Software

Discover the power of multivariate comparison with Radar Chart by MAQ Software. Designed for analyzing data across various variables, our radar chart transforms complex data sets into understandable, star-like diagrams. Each variable is represented as an equiangular spoke, making it simple to compare different objects or data sets against a uniform set of features. Color differentiation improves readability, allowing for immediate insight into how each set ranks across multiple dimensions.

Key benefits

  • Multivariate data plotting: Simplify complex data comparison with ease.
  • Customizable design: Modify curve interpolation (sharp, rounded, or exact), colors, data point radius, labels, plot transparency, stroke width, and more for personalized visualization.
  • Axis customization: Show/hide axes, adjust color, stroke width, and position for clarity.
  • Improved interactivity: Cross-filter capabilities and interactive legends for deeper data exploration.
  • Context menu support: Right-click menu for quick actions and insights.

Use cases

  • Finance: Evaluate company performance by comparing key business metrics such as sales, profits, and volume.
  • Product management: Benchmark products against multiple features or specifications to highlight strengths and weaknesses.
  • Human Resources: Visualize employee competencies across key performance indicators for fair and informed bonus allocation.

What's new (Version 3.0.1)

  • Improved precision: Bug fix for decimal data point accuracy, ensuring reliable analysis.

Support & Community

Have questions or need support? Visit our community on Zendesk for insights and assistance: MAQ Software Support.

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