Book Balance

Автор: Mango Analytics

A powerful tool for financial management, providing real-time insights into company's cash position.

The bank book balance is a company’s cash balance according to its accounting records. This balance includes transactions that have yet to settle or clear through the bank account. The dashboard app offers a comprehensive view of a company’s book balance, integrating data from various sources to present a real-time financial snapshot. Featured Industry Standard KPIs | Category-wise Balance: Categorize and analyze balances based on transaction categories. | Closing Balance: Examine the balance at the end of a specific period. | Ending Balance:Similar to the closing balance, the ending balance KPI reflects the balance at the conclusion of a specified time frame. | Running Balance:Track the cumulative balance as transactions occur. | Last 3 Months Rolling Average: Calculate the average balance over the last three months on a rolling basis.

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