Teamwork Analytics: Teams PSTN Billing

Modality Systems

PSTN Billing Reports for Microsoft Phone System, part of Modality Systems Teamwork Analytics.

Important: When you install this app, it will install with a rich set of sample data, to enable to you to evaluate. Once you are ready to use the app with you own data you will need to install and configure the Modality Systems Teamwork Analytics back end. Contact us for pricing and further instructions.

Modality Teams PSTN Billing for Microsoft Phone System is a reporting module of Modality Teamwork Analytics, a suite of reporting and adoption and governance automation to drive best practices in Microsoft Office 365 collaboration.

Modality Teams PSTN Billing provides detailed usage reporting and cost breakdown of Microsoft Phone System calls and conferences across your organisation.

Reports include:

  • PSTN Plan Usage
  • PSTN Plan Usage Trends
  • PSTN Bill by Company Unit
  • PSTN Call Charge Summary
  • PSTN Calls by User
  • PSTN Conferences by User

Modality Teamwork Analytics modules rely on a backend database that collects all the relevant information from your tenant into an Azure SQL instance in your tenant. This can be deployed simply via an Azure Resource Manager Template.

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