Seachad Azure Cost

Автор: Seachad

PowerBi App to control Azure cost of your subcriptions

This application is available in Spanish The Seachad Azure Cost application is provided free by Seachad to its customers, and therefore they do not have to worry about the installation and configuration details of it. If you need more information please contact us in This application makes use of the Microsoft "Azure Cost Management" connector and provides a series of reports and visualizations with usage and consumption data that help you better understand your spending with Azure. The application will be installed in the account of the Power Bi service of Seachad, the necessary dashboards and alarms will be configured and access to it will be provided to Seachad customers who request it, either using the client's Power Bi pro subscription or one provided by Seachad. The Azure Cost Management connector supports clients with a Microsoft Client Agreement or an Enterprise Agreement, therefore this application is valid only for this type of Azure clients.

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