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The solution allows advanced users to automate business processes.

SYSTEMZ Flow for Office 365 (or just ZFlow) is an easy to use application for modeling and optimization of business processes intended for users of both local and cloud versions of Microsoft SharePoint. The solution allows advanced users to create workflows and automate business processes. The application is optimized for working in all main browsers.

ZFlow is designed for companies seeking in the era of digital transformation to simplify and speed-up automation of their business processes. Just open the editor and start creating workflows immediately:

·        Assign tasks to users according to the logic of the business processes – contract approvals, IT requests, leave requests, etc.

·        Fill the calendar of working and non-working days to easily calculate the due dates of the tasks;

·        Use logic activities to build complex workflows with parallel and conditional approvals;

·        Query, create, update or delete list items, documents, pages;

·        Use workflow gallery to browse through created workflows.

Feel the advantages of the workflow editor:

·        Simple but powerful WYSIWYG editor for email templates;

·        Functional lookups, which make workflows more compact and readable;

·        Convenient text search when selecting variables, fields, lists. Extremely simplifies work.

·        Find variable usages feature that is useful when debugging and refining the workflows;

·        Renaming of already created workflows if needed.

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