ZChatBot - chatbot for Microsoft Teams

Автор: ООО Ай-Сис Лабс

Teams Chatbot for consultations, automation of routine and processes of HR, IT and other departments

Streamline your workflow with the chatbot

Reduce the time it takes to solve daily routine tasks and issues, as well as contacting internal services.

Often we have to contact different services to solve simple questions. Calls, letters, waiting for a personal meeting takes a lot of time and reduces the efficiency of employees.

ZChatBot can help you solve your questions in a few seconds.

ChatBot allows you to solve the following tasks:

  • order references from various services (2NDFL, a copy of your workbook, etc.);
  • order a pass for an external visitor;
  • get information about working hours and holidays in a given month;
  • get information about the weather in a given city;

  • and many additional useful features.

Dialog input mode will reduce errors and speed up the resolution of your issues.

In the basic version, the administrator can easily specify e-mail addresses of various services (HR, Accounting, Administrative Department) to which user requests should be sent.

The use of chat bots helps not only to increase the efficiency of employees who request different information, but also will significantly reduce the load on HR, accounting and other services.

Basic functionality of ZChatBot is available to all customers free of charge and does not require integration with internal systems.

In ZChatBot Pro version, you can additionally implement the following scenarios:

  • integration of current scripts with internal systems;
  • planning and organizing meetings with employees;
  • meeting room reservation;
  • complex HR processes: vacations, business trips, selection and hiring of employees, etc;
  • employee onboarding;
  • FAQs - QnA based on knowledge base;
  • additional administrative applications;
  • helpdesk filing;
  • job creation and monitoring;
  • document and application reconciliation from internal systems;
  • gleaning the status of documents;
  • mass mailing of messages to the whole company or selected departments;
  • site-specific reporting;
  • and so on.

ZChatBot can become a single interface to internal systems (Exchange, SharePoint, 1C, Dynamics, SAP, etc.), both as an information channel and for initializing internal processes in different systems.

To purchase an extended version or to implement additional dialogues, please contact

Become more productive with your personal ZChatBot assistant.

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