Bot Foundry in Azure (SaaS)

Автор: Inetum Poland

Botfoundry will enable to build bot's content through the chatbot administration portal.

Botfoundry is a solution hosted on the Azure cloud that offers the best chatbot performances thanks to the Microsoft bot framework and cognitive services. Botfoundry will enable you to build your bot's content through the chatbot administration portal, insert your FaQ in the Q&A section, build your directed dialogues in the Dialog tabs and create static intents and their answers powered by the Microsoft NLP LUIS. The administration portal will give you access to the logs of conversation of your bot and a centralized "Not understood" to target the messages that your bot was not able to answer in order to enrich your content. The portal will also provide you with analytics on your bot usage. With Botfoundry each chatbot created has its own administration portal. If you need to go further in your bot use case, you will be able to contact the Inetum team to organize specific development to access a dynamic level of content. Botfoundry is for every business and industry that needs a generic chatbot solution. Everyone that wishes to start a chatbot adventure will be able to easily implement their content in the Botfoundry solution and launch quickly their bot. From the personal user to a big company, Botfoundry can adapt to every need, and the Inetum team can help to go from a small first chatbot to a more important industrialized bot strategy. Botfoundry was though to be easy to use and understand, we believe that the success of a chatbot comes from the knowledge base that is implemented inside, the solution is codeless for the content implementation and can be accessed by any business teams just as more technical profiles. See you soon on Botfoundry!

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