MS Learning學習小助手 (MS Learning advisor agent)

Автор: 智域國際股份有限公司

Offer information about MS Learning courses they need based on the role.

以聊天機器人的使用者介面,讓客戶可以藉由問答的方式得知MS Learning的相關問題,引導客戶從中了解概念。再來針對客戶對於職位角色的需求,提供需要研讀的MS Learning課程內容以及難易程度,在課程方面以職業來做分類,對於初學者可以更方便排序學習的行程,對於已經有學習過的客戶,也能知道需要補足哪些課程,適用於所有階段的使用者。
The user interface of the chat robot allows customers to learn about MS Learning related questions and answers, and guide customers to understand the concepts. Next, according to the needs of customers for job roles, we provide the content and difficulty of MS Learning courses that need to be studied. In terms of courses, they are classified according to occupations. For beginners, it is easier to sort the learning itinerary. For customers who have already studied MS Learning before, you can also know which courses need to be completed, suitable for users at all stages. "This application is available in Chinese."

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