Case 365™ for DAs & Prosecutors

Автор: 365 Labs

Streamline case management for criminal, traffic, financial & family cases with Case 365™

Case 365™ is the digital platform to record, manage & prosecute cases from arrest to sentencing. With connectors to police & court systems, Case 365™ minimizes data entry and uses artificial intelligence to simplify case life-cycle management. Case 365™ provides an integrated single pane for quick information retrieval, automatic case creation & court activity tracking, and it supports workflows, data driven insights & dashboards for a 360˚ view of the entire office.

With Case 365’s single integrated screen, attorneys and staff have a complete view of all case information—from their desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
- 360˚ view of every case
- eDiscovery portal for defense attorneys with audit trail/history
- Case enquiry portal provides access to limited case information over a web portal specified by DA partner organization
- Media repository for documents, photos, videos, audio, etc to be stored for each case.
- Financial tracking like restitution, discovery fees, bad checks, diversion programs, case expense and delinquent tax.
- Realtime statistics, reports & dashboards give an instant view of all active & pending cases.

Smart Document Generation and Management
Quickly generate documents for one or multiple cases using existing case information.
- Subpoenas
- Witness Documents
- Victim Letters
- Pleadings
- Motions
- Hearing notifications

Integration with Law Enforcement & Courts: Proven integration with police and court databases. Enter data once, share securely across databases and agencies.

Case 365™ allows DA’s offices to harness, analyze, and share intelligence for proactive strategies that address specific crime and helps in reducing crime with a data driven approach.

Criminal Strategies Unit
Case 365's CSU module forms the backbone of any criminal strategies group.
- CSU/Realtime Wiki Hub
- Social Media Management
- NIBIN Leads/Hits
- Jail Release
- Arrest Alerts for POIs
- ADA Intel & Investigation

365 RealTime Smart Platform for Safer Cities
- Live Camera + Drone Feeds
- Computer aided dispatch CAD Live Feed
- ShotSpotter Activation
- NCIC Lookup
- Field Interviews & Intelligence
- Traffic + resident cameras
- Location intel
- Advanced video analytics
- Analytical reports Timeline & Heat Maps
- Email/SMS/Twitter broadcast to citizens

Close Cases faster with POI tracking and realtime alerts:
- Arrest Alerts
- Traffic Stop
- Upcoming Trial
- Booking Alerts
- Jail Release

Support victims of crime and streamlines family & juvenile case management—while protecting sensitive information.

Victim Assistance Services
- Case visibility for Victim Assistance Coordinators
- Easily track time, referrals and services provided
- Instant reports for grant funding & partner agencies
- Auto-generate victim notices and letters

Child Support Case Management
- Manage child support enforcement case progress, court dates, motion filing, and attachment tracking.
- Auto-generate subpoenas, letters and court dockets using existing case information.
- Instantly create reports in Microsoft Word or Word Perfect.

Juvenile Case Management
- Delinquency & Truancy
- Family in Need of Services
- Child in Need of Care
- Juvenile Pre-trial Diversion


Traffic & eCitation Bridge Complete Traffic Process Automation
- Comprehensive Ticket Management with activity tracking & reports
- Smart Ticket Entry: auto-fills ticket info though lookup/integration with DMV
- Automatically generate Bill of Information with signatures
- Transfer or export digital bill of info to Clerk of Court
- Online ticket payment portal
- DWI Integration
- Pre-Trial Integration
- Automatic docket and bill creation
- Updated in real time when a ticket is paid online or disposed in court
- Court schedules & docket numbers auto generate each year

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