365™ JMS - Jail Management System

Автор: 365 Labs

Reduce Booking Time + Improve Safety & Compliance with 365™ JMS

From Intake and Booking to Bonding and Release, 365™ Jail Management System (JMS) makes every process as efficient as possible while improving accuracy. 365™ JMS is easy to use with smart workflows that eliminate guesswork, automate/reduce paper-work, and ensure critical information is captured. Real-time intelligence and built-in security features, like active warrant and safety risk alerts, help keep officers, staff and inmates safer.

Faster Identification - Auto-match AFIS & NCIC records
Built-in security - Active warrant & safety risk alerts
Instant Reports - One-click statistics eliminate guesswork

Streamline Inmate Processing
Cut processing time in HALF while improving accuracy with
- Booking
- Intake
- Mugshots
- Housing
- Bonding
- Release
+ Realtime Sync with RMS, AFIS, DA’s Case Management & Courts

Mobile App - GISMO SENTRY™
- 360-degree Inmate Management
- Identify inmates in seconds with RFID
- Automate cell checks & headcounts
- Track activities, observations + more

- Easy digital PREA forms – NO paper required!
- Mugshots with a single touch
- Auto-create inmate IDs + Link to RFID wristband or card

AFIS Interface
- Quickly identify inmates using JMS & AFIS database
- Eliminate double entry of data during booking
- Captures mugshots from AFIS to be used by jail

PREA - 100% Compliance + Safety
- Easy digital PREA forms – NO paper required!
- Link to RFID card/wristband
- Accept signatures online
- Automatic PREA flags

Mugshot - Save time with workflow process integration
- Generate Mugshots with a single touch
- Auto-create inmate IDs
- Link mugshots to RFID wristband or card

AI Powered Digital Lineup - Generate suspects lineup with single click
- Artificial Intelligence automatically finds photos of individuals that look most similar to the selected suspect and adds them to the lineup sequence.
- Shuffle, swap or replace individual images as needed
- Create, manage and save multiple lineup sequences

eBonds portal + WebApp - 365 streamlines the bonding process with a secure online portal for judges to:
- Set bail amounts for each charge or deny bail
- Set hearing dates
- View offender history, rap sheets and shared documents
Works from any device—Judges can access from their PC, tablet or phone.

Document Management Save time, simplify booking & go paper-less.
- Intelligently organized - Auto-group files based on task or department
- Instantly Searchable - Keyword search locates any file in seconds
- Integrated with JMS, RMS & 365 Programs - Automatically sync scanned files across apps. Import existing files with a single click.

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