Active Cypher Cloud Fortress - AD Domain Edition

Автор: Active Cypher

Data Loss Prevention: Proactive, Reactive, Intentional

Cloud Fortress AD Domain Edition is a DLP platform that provides user-based security securing all files across your organization.

Active Cypher’s intelligent, zero-trust file security operates invisibly to users and provides seamless governance.

The Benefits of Active Cypher’s Cloud Fortress:

  • End-To-End Encryption - Encryption is done at the file level and not the directory or volume. They are only available for viewing and editing by authorized users.
  • Crypto-Agile Architecture - Encryption in 256-bit AES or choose from many other standards at any time with our crypto-agile architecture
  • Simplifies and Expands protection - Integrates Microsoft services and infrastructure, such as Microsoft Security Center and Azure Active Directory, to ensure ease of implementation and broaden file security.
  • Zero-Trust File Security - Never trust, always verify. Identity-centric access through Azure Active Directory and file specific meta-data focused provides risk-based file privileges.
  • Complies with GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA - Complies with many consumer protection laws. Covers more than half of NIST 800-53 specifications.

Simple, Fast and Secure

  • Easily deployed enterprise-wide in about an hour
  • No additional hardware or staffing required
  • No impact on system administration or user workflow

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