Enterprise Generative AI Security Hub

Автор: Add Value Machine

Meet your compliance and security needs with AddValueMachine’s Enterprise Generative AI Security Hub

Satisfy both your compliance requirements and security needs with the Enterprise Generative AI Security Hub from AddValueMachine. We operate as a control point for your organization's LLMs, inspecting data such as PHI, PII, or PCI. You can establish organizational policies on this data to decide whether Generative AI transactions should be blocked or redacted.
The AVM Enterprise offers two main modules:
AVM Enterprise Security Hub: This module provides comprehensive visibility and centralized management of generative AI policies across your applications. You can receive Generative AI data security alerts through the AVM Enterprise Security Hub or have them forwarded to your enterprise's SIEM.
AVM Co-Pilot: Comparable to ChatGPT Enterprise, this application is included in the subscription. It enables your enterprise to allow users to use multiple models in a secure and compliant manner. The AVM Co-Pilot provides an immediate boost to end-users, enabling them to leverage Generative AI securely.
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