Agolo - leading NLP Summarization for Enterprises

Автор: Agolo

Human Quality Summarization at Machine Scale

Imagine an AI analyst who writes an intelligence briefing about the topics that matter to you, making sure you have the latest critical information at your fingertips when it matters most. This is Agolo: we read an average of 1 million documents everyday and write over 2 million personalized summaries for our clients across the Defense Intelligence, Professional Services, Media and Technology sectors. 

Why we do it:

Search and traditional approaches fall short when trying to derive critical insights from disparate sources of information. AI summarization accelerates the analysis of critical information at scale.

Who we are:
Agolo is the leading AI-powered summarization platform for enterprise, driving productivity gains for their customers with automated aggregation and summarization. Backed by Microsoft and Google, Agolo is the leader in Natural Language Processing (NLP) Summarization. 

What we do:

The company’s AI “Market Intelligence” platform analyzes thousands of news stories in real-time and produces a summary of key points, specific to the reader’s interests. In a world overwhelmed by information, Agolo enables efficient consumption so users can spend more time analyzing. Agolo's top tier clients in Financial Services, Professional Services, Government and Media use their platform as the next generation of search & summarization.

Common Use Cases

  • Competitive Intelligence- create executive briefings to highlight important competitor product releases, business model changes, and inorganic growth trends

  • Sector Briefing Generation- sector insights generated from both mainstream + non-mainstream media sources

  • Market Intelligence Newsletters- automate the generation of news summaries to drive internal market intelligence newsletters for current awareness or sales triggers

  • Emerging Stories - quickly get up to speed on specific industry or company and identify emerging trends in news to spur idea generation for editorial and analysis.


  • Scans millions of news articles instantly

  • Automatically reads, organizes, and summarizes news

  • Multi-document summarization lets you identify key insights across multiple, similar stories

  • Set up in minutes with quick time to value

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