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LogistInWeb™ is a cloud-based software platform for transport logistics and fleet management.


LogistInWeb™ is a cloud-based software platform for transport logistics and fleet management. The service helps companies to accurately plan delivery routes and control their execution in real time.

Proven Efficiency

  • up to 20% fewer vehicles required
  • up to 30% lower fuel consumption
  • 3 times faster daily route planning
  • higher quality customer service

Why Cloud?

  • No high upfront one-time investments in licenses and deployment.
  • All updates, support and server maintenance are already included in the price.
  • Available 24/7, from anywhere.

Key Benefits

1. Optimize Delivery Costs
One of the most powerful routing algorithms in the world which takes into account delivery time windows, zones, road network data and up to 50 other parameters to help clients reduce mileage and increase vehicle utilization.

2. Save Time and Human Resources
Gain significant boost in delivery data processing speed using address geocoding via OpenStreetMap, Google & Yandex supplemented with machine learning technologies.
A unique combination of fully automatic and manual tools allows you to build high-quality delivery routes almost instantly.

3. Make Customer Service Transparent
Send optimized routes to drivers’ mobile devices and control deliveries in real time. LogistInWeb™ not only captures every order status or issue, but also allows you to track and analyze vehicle fleet performance using on-board equipment & sensors.
4. Pay Only for What You Need
LogistInWeb™ offers reasonable client-oriented pricing based on the number of orders per month. This allows seasonal businesses to pay less during their off-season, keeping a constant margin value for each order delivery.

LogistInWeb™ is for:

manufacturers and distributors;
wholesalers and retailers;
e-commerce businesses;
transport companies;
parcel delivery and courier services.

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