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Compliant, secure information management, archiving and ediscovery built for Azure

The only secure, compliant information management and archiving platform implemented in your Azure cloud
Archive2Azure is a single software platform to migrate, onboard, secure, validate, classify, manage, search, analyze and dispose disparate data, in native format. An integrated, open archive, with Archive2Azure you can consolidate, archive, manage, search and dispose content across several repositories including email, Office365, Teams, Slack, file systems, SharePoint, content services platforms, content collaboration platforms, social media, IM, video and audio + structured data from SAP, Salesforce, and others.

  • True PaaS
    Your data and your information security are 100% under your control - lower costs, greater security, without the need to maintain IaaS VM images.
  • Manage Azure costs
    Scalability on demand – use and pay for only what you need.
  • Optimize storage
    Full support for policy-driven tiered storage and WORM/SEC compliant immutable storage.
  • Secure application retirement & migration
    Securely and compliantly extract data from legacy systems and migrate to Azure (including from other archives and Exchange).
  • Unified platform
    Address enterprise information management requirements including data migration and onboarding, classification and tagging for compliance and privacy, information security, supervisory review and data surveillance, records management, eDiscovery, data analytics.
  • Data compliance, sovereignty, privacy
    Predictive, AI-powered data classification and supervision - compliance with external privacy regulations, (i.e. GDPR, FINRA, SEC, HIPAA) and internal policies.
  • Zero-Trust security 
    Implement your security protocols, maintain exclusive control of your encryption keys on-premises, plus encryption level entitlements.
  • No vendor lock-in
    All data and metadata stored in application native format, direct access to your data or migrate to an alternative platform, no additional fees.
  • Microsoft/Azure Optimized
    Microsoft Co-sell Prioritized ISV and Microsoft Preferred Supplier, a Microsoft managed partner and member of Microsoft's AI Inner Circle.
    50+ PB of data for 2000+ customers worldwide migrated to, classified, secured, analyzed, archived, and managed in Azure.
  • Customers
    Implemented by the most security-conscious organizations (including major government agencies, financial services, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, energy) in the world, to protect and secure their data.
  • Gartner
    Recognized in both the Gartner Enterprise Information Archiving Magic Quadrant & data archiving and application retirement Market Guide .

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